Maximize Uptime and Protect Equipment

Firetrace protects engines, battery compartments, electrical panels, and electrical rooms on equipment such as:

  • Yard trucks, or terminal tractors
  • Forklift trucks
  • Empty and loaded container handlers
  • Reach stackers
  • Straddle carriers
  • Rubber tired gantry cranes
  • Mobile harbor cranes
  • Ship to shore cranes

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Gensets and Engine Compartments

Leaks in fuel lines or hydraulic hoses can cause fuel or hydraulic oil to spill, evaporate, and spread throughout the compartment. Once in contact with hot components, the fuel or oil can ignite - filling the whole compartment with fire. Our systems protect these areas using linear pneumatic detection which triggers the release of dry chemical within the compartment to suppress the fire.

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Electrical Cabinets

Faults in panels within the crane's electrical room can quickly start a fire. A fire in an unprotected panel can destroy the panel and spread throughout the electrical room. Our systems protect the panels with pneumatic heat detection tubing which bursts at the source of the fire, releasing the clean agent to suppress the fire. Clean agent will not damage equipment and is safe for the operator and the environment.

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Electrical Rooms

Overcurrent can cause components and wiring to burn or lead to arc flash within the crane's electrical room. In these cases, the spread of fire can be catastrophic, destroying the room and possibly the crane. Protect these electrical rooms with a total flood system using a clean agent which does not damage equipment and is safe for operators and the environment.

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Key Features


Simple, effective, linear pneumatic detection

Firetrace systems detect fires with flexible tubing that can be placed throughout the equipment, providing instant detection at the source of a fire, with no power required.


Status Monitoring

Firetrace systems are self-monitoring. Have peace of mind knowing the readiness of your fire detection and suppression system at all times.


Automatic and Manual Suppression

Firetrace systems automatically suppress fires in seconds. They are also configured with a manual release.



Using pressure switches with the pneumatic detection tubing, Firetrace systems can trigger the shutdown of an engine or power as soon as fire is detected.